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What is Hummer Interactive Advertising?

Hummer Interactive Advertising is an effective mobile outdoor marketing space by way of a fully branded stretch Hummer. Hummer Interactive Advertising is the perfect medium for companies wanting to extend their traditional mix to include an interactive mobile element. It offers high visibility providing an effective solution for reaching wider audiences as well as specific audiences in an engaging and striking way.

Stretch Hummers literally stop traffic, both pedestrian and on the road! The fully branded Hummers travel throughout the capital’s cultural quarters and high-footfall districts. They provide a mobile billboard that can reach transient consumers dramatically increasing brand awareness through mass exposure. People are drawn to Hummers like moths to a flame. Hummers can be parked at designated places providing an excellent opportunity for people to be made aware of your brand and provide a fully interactive advertising billboard.

Its ability to work in conjunction with other mediums and provide experiential brand interactions
sets it apart.


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